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Full Service Consulting:

We offer a full line of services plus regular market visits, unlimited telephone and email access to discuss all of your stations programming, marketing, and promotions. 


Custom Music Research:

Weekly music research and bi-annual gold research via email, plus weekly music calls to customize the research to fit your stations local needs.


Music Logs:

Once we have a researched custom music list just right for your station. Then, we will schedule and edit your day-to-day music logs for you. This saves you time and money plus gives your station the perfect music every hour of every day. We deliver your logs to you in advance configured for your system and ready to merge and air. This saves you the cost time and labor cost.


Station Critiques and Talent Coaching:

Frequent monitoring of your station and competitors, followed by critiques of your morning show and other talent.


Market Analysis:

We will do a detailed review of your market to find available strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. This will allow us to define the individual responsibilities and priorities of each team member, and develop a detailed strategy for success.


Marketing and Promotion:

We offer promotions, marketing, ideas that will work well for both programming and sales.


Ratings and Research Analysis:

We will analyze available ratings and research information, and help you and develop a detailed strategy for success.


New Media Strategies:

We offer help to assist in developing a profitable new media strategy that’s just right for your station.


Give us a call or email today. 662-423-5003  –  huskman911@aol.com – jjjobe@aol.com

Weekly Current Music Research

Twice-yearly Gold Research

Unlimited Phone Consultation

Morning Show Coaching

Aircheck Reviews

Quarterly Visits with Action Plan

Imaging and Liner writing

Music Scheduling (if needed)

Strategic Marketing Planning

Promotion Ideas

Contest Ideas

Talent Recruitment

Ratings Analysis

Revenue generating ideas